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The origins of Jethro Tull date back to the sixties as your fabulous escorts will inform you. It was then when a band known as The Blades was founded by some boys who were eager to play a mix of blues, jazz and soulful music. Anderson, one of the first members, was present throughout the evolution of the group until it finally received the name with which it would be consolidated at a global level.

A group that has exerted a strong influence in the world of rock

Jethro Tull is a unique British progressive rock band which is characterized for having a style that combines blues, English folk and hard rock. As your acquainted escort will inform you, the group received different names throughout its development. These designations were chosen by the various agents who arranged their performances.

An agent who was a history buff reviewed some books and named the band as Jethro Tull after an agricultural inventor. This farmer, who lived in the eighteenth century, was famous for having designed a revolutionary system for planting. The members of the band decided to keep this designation because they used it to perform for the first time in an important club.

Since its early stages, Jethro Tull was led by virtuoso flutist Ian Anderson as proficient escorts will inform you. In many occasions they performed as an opening band for famous groups like Pink Floyd. In 1969 they began their first tour through the United States that lasted more than three months.

At the end of that year they released the single Sweet Dream with the assistance of a new record company.

The new company was known as Chrysalis and it was going to work with them on the release of almost their entire discography. This enterprise was founded by a couple of group managers who knew how to recognize talent whenever they saw it. Your spectacular escort will tell you that the band became very popular during the first half of the seventies with historical albums like Aqualung.

One of the most iconic rock bands

Aqualung is a conceptual album focused on religious issues and social justice. The cover includes the controversial phrase "In the beginning man created God, and gave him power over all things" which is inspired by Feuerbach's philosophy.

In 1972 the band releases the album Thick as a Brick. This is another conceptual work presented as a newspaper which contains the caustic humor of a mysterious character. Marvelous escorts will inform you that it consists of a single long song which is divided into two parts.

The great success of both albums increased their popularity to the point that they received an award for selling more tickets at Madison Square Garden than any other group. As your magnificent escort will explain you, they generally had to add a fourth show on their visits given the high demand of the public.

In the first half of 2005, Anderson stated that the band had no plans to record new studio albums in the near future.

This year the members of the band have met again to play live in a series of concerts throughout Europe. Enjoy the talent of these wonderful musicians accompanied by your delightful ladies from EROS.