Rockties are a small UK based business offering a range of Ties and waistcoats with Tull designs on, all of which have been officially authorised by Jethro Tull.I was recently sent a sample of one of the Broadsword ties. The merchandise is of the highest quality and the definition of the images is first class and I would recommend everybody to take a look at the items,it makes a welcome change to be able to buy something differant just added to the range is a smart catfish rising silk tie. The track brings forth images of street cafe`s where one could rest and imbibe a cup or two of coffee while watching strangers pass by

Get some very nice and unusual items of jethro tull merchandise from KREATIVE CONCEPTS including a very nice Stand up throw as pictured here. It provides an excellent source of information for any tull fan, covering the whole of tull`s history,releases and also a complete list of concert dates,spread over 256 pages with 411 illustrations Click the book to order direct from the publishers or order it from your local. The book is now in its second edition and has been updated and is essential for any Tull fan.

Lost In Crowds, Great track which leads you into a false sense of security starts slow with some nice strings and then explodes with a veritable cornucopia of electric guitars, drums and keyboards interspersed with flute and The Sturcz String Quartet overlaid with a pretty meaty vocal from Ian. This track has more hooks and twists then the best roller coaster, Superb. This small paperback by Raymond Benson is part of the pocket essentials range and contains quite a lot of info on just about all jethro tull releases. A lot of the text is based the authors personal opinion some you may agree with and some you may not more details can be found HERE. Eurology, the first instrumental on the album and in my opinion the best of the two. Good pace, great flute and bass parts overlaid on top of accordion and acoustic guitar. Already featured in the tull live set and will be for some time to come.