When you first listen to the album the first thing to strike you is the clarity of the sound which is just superb, each band member comes over clearly defined and even on the heavier tracks you can make out the individual instruments. The selection of tracks on the CD is excellant, being culled from a number of sessions as listed on the right.The album flows very nicely and is a joy to listen to. Quite simply the best live album I have heard by any band which proves that Tull will never be Too old to Rock and roll.Order your copy now and buy one for the cat and one for your next door neighbour, they will love you forever! On Eagle Records Cat No: EAGCD231 out May 6th In the USA the CD is released on Fuel2000 records on April 30th. You can use any midi file under 30kb for your phone ringtone and upload it to this site Click Here and put the link listed in to your phone to download the ringtone direct to you via WAP.

The first Tull gig I attended was at Milton Keynes in 1986,where Tull were the special guests of Marillion. Since then I have seen them about 200 times and I have met Ian Anderson and the band a few times. This page is here to give a brief insight into the person behind the site. My name is Steve and I am 37 years old. I am divorced and have 2 children; Victoria 12 and Matthew 10 years, that live with their mother. I have been a Tull fan for the past 18 years, when I first heard Under Wraps, Broadsword and Songs From The Wood. A friend used to play them on the hire car stereo whilst we were working in Greenock, Scotland. Getting up early, queuing, dance music (ie Radio One), people who think they know everything, when in fact they know nothing, waiting for trains, buses etc. The Gambia about 5 years ago. I stroked 2 crocodiles and I was sober at the time.

Here are a couple of Tull images that make good wallpaper.just click the link and they will open in a new browser window,then you can save or set them as wallpaper. Fancy an image on you internet explorer toolbar, instead of it being a plain colour then download this file Download the image Zip file and unzip the images into a directory on your hard drive.

EMI has just released the next three remastered CD`s Stormwatch will feature four bonus tracks - Stitch In Time, Crossword, Kelpie and King Henrys Madrigal, “A” will come packaged with a bonus DVD disc of the slipstream video with enhanced sound quality to any of the previous releases of this title. Bursting Out was meant to have come packaged in a lavish box with booklet , updated liner notes and extra photos but has just been released in the standard plastic CD case. EMI have also announced a further release of Broadsword and the Beast remastered which will be released later in 2004.

Best rock venues in London

London has been the location of plenty of rock recitals. From The Rolling Stones to Nickelback, many bands have taken the stage of the most impressive music venues in the capital city. The town is filled with unique buildings and clubs that take live music to another level. Whether you look for the next gig of The Jethro Tull, or you want some quality concerts, you should not miss a splendid celebration with thousands of people who share your passion.

Choose between the splendid locations within London and spend beautiful moments with your friends. There is nothing more entertaining than the cheerful ambiance of live music where everyone in the crowd sings the songs’ lyrics alongside the artists and dance to their energetic sounds. You can also bring your family members and offer them a memorable experience at the performance of their favorite rock band. Wherever you go, there is no doubt that everyone will have a great time.

If you are after an adventure in a one-of-a-kind venue, pick the Union Chapel. Located in the heart of the city, this architectural gem amazes its visitors with a gothic design and fantastic acoustics. For those nights when you have free time, leave your nightly live sex chat or video games routine at home and head out to epic shows. You would love the vibes of the electric guitars and hypnotizing beats of a The Jethro Tull concert.

The Garage is a landmark venue when it comes to live shows in London. Take advantage of the intimate settings and go with your mates for a fun evening out where you can drink beer, wine and listen to the loud rhythms of the latest rock bands. This place will never disappoint you with its long list of incredible acts or showcases and gives you the opportunity to be part of a vibrant atmosphere that you will always remember.

Let your love for music lead to one of the most appreciated bars in town. The Good Ship is a popular choice for people who look for mesmerizing rock and roll performances and art in a cozy environment. With its ample range of beverages, good service, screenings and interesting artists, this nightlife treasure will make you come back for more every time. Swing by whenever you want some relaxation and magical moments with your loved ones.

For the avid rock fans, the Crobar is a place that should be put on the must-visit clubs’ list. From locals to foreigners, everyone should take pleasure in the beer selection, lovely staff members and partygoers, amazing décor and a marvelous jukebox. Make sure you stop by and enjoy the authentic metal gigs that will steal your breath away with every note you hear. Meet new pals who share your taste in music and bond over a pint of beer.

London is home to numerous venues where you can listen to the legacy of many talented rock bands every day. As music can lower the barriers between cultures, it is the perfect mean through which you can create wonderful relationships with individuals from different backgrounds. You can also relax and detach yourself from all the stressful thoughts with a night out in the colorful city. Let the excitement begin an excellent journey and explore the famous rock venues in London!